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5 Winter Party Ideas for Kids

Kids Party

Take a load off and use one of these 5 winter party ideas for your child’s upcoming birthday celebration. 

Just because it’s going to be wet and gloomy outside, does not mean that you need to cancel your child’s birthday party and pretend it didn’t happen. It’s going to happen come rain or shine and your four, five, or six year old is not going to let you forget it. It’s time to embrace some awesome indoor party ideas that will brighten the mood and bring the fun.

There are many entertaining party ideas that span a variety of ages and can be held at home or in a hired venue such as a hall or a restaurant.

Chat to the professionals about additional perks to spice up the party atmosphere with arcade and slushie machines.

1. Face painting

Face painting parties are always a hit with youngsters because who doesn’t want to look like Hello Kitty or Batman. It’s an excellent way to fill the time, and children of any age get to enjoy the fun. Pick up several face paint kits, dot them around the venue, include some great character cut outs and start painting.

Face Painting

Get some of your friends to be face paint artists, or get the kids to be the artists and the adults the canvases. You can hire professional face painters, and if your indoor patio or undercover pool area is large enough, throw in an enclosed jumping castle for the kids to have an extra-added blast of energy release.

2. Art party

There really is nothing quite as much fun as an art party where kids are put in a large room, with the walls covered in plastic. The kids are given paint brushes and each one has a canvas on which to create their masterpiece. Provide aprons, paint, brushes and cake, and let them have fun.

Child Painting

You’ll be amazed at the talent some kids have, and you may even uncover some greatness. Who knew your kid was a master painter disguised as a five year old?

3. Dance party

This is always fun, no matter how old you are, and it creates the perfect social setting right from the start. Include some party games to keep the energy flowing, burn off the extra sugar and get the kids to bed knackered. If you’re having this party at home then make sure you pack away your best crockery. Then move the furniture, hang up that old disco ball, string up some streamers and fairy lights, and you’re almost good to go.

Child DJ

Hire an arcade machine to entertain the kids who maybe don’t want to dance, or need a break, and place it alongside the decks that pump out the tunes.

4. Treasure hunts

Hide small little treasures and treats around the house, and draw up a treasure map, outlining the different rooms and giving hints as to where the kids should look. There is so much you can do with this kind of theme. Request that the kids dress up as pirates, hang plastic scabbards, and give them each a clue to find their own little treasure.

Buried Treasure

Don’t go overboard with the treasures. These can be small chocolates, blowing bubbles or stickers.

5. Puppet show

If the idea of children running rampant in your home is too much for you to bear, then hire a puppeteer for the afternoon. Who doesn’t love a great puppet show? It’s a load of fun for kids who love to interact with the puppets and be part of the stories. A really good puppet master will keep everyone of all ages entertained for hours. In between shows, you can have a few games planned to get the blood flowing and help burn some energy.

Old Puppet Show

There are plenty of indoor party ideas that will keep children entertained and your house tidy, and leave parents feeling like winter is not the worst time to have their kid’s birthday party. Parties require a good audience and a nice setting, once you have both the rest takes care of itself.

Give your child a wonderful winter party with all the perks of an outdoor fun fest.

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