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Activities and toys to help your child learn while having fun


Parents want their children to be intelligent; socially, emotionally and academically. When their kids are the right age, most parents send them to school. Teachers spend a lot of time with children and are almost second parents to students; they’re role models as well as instructors. Teachers also give homework to help the children practice their new skills, and also to evaluate how well the students have learned.

Parents also need to do some teaching at home. Seeing as to how low the CMA exam pass rate is, parents give their children educational toys so that they can learn while they’re playing. One good example of learning while having fun is playing on a bouncy castle. Playing in a bouncy castle teaches kids many things, like how to make friends and good body balancing skills.

Play is a great way to expand the knowledge and skill of a person at any age. There are lots of different ways children can have fun while learning. As a parent, it’s a good idea to have a variety of things to offer your children to help them grow and learn. Here are some ideas of activities and toys to help your child learn while having fun.


Playing sports like kendama will benefit your child. Since playing sports requires the body to be active, it can improve your child’s endurance and helps with focus and balance. Your child will also learn how to cooperate and interact with other kids. If your child shows a cooperative attitude on his team, he will make lots of friends. He will also learn motivation as he trains or practices to enhance his skills. As a parent, you can support your child to keep him motivated. Ask your child the sports he likes. Be careful not to push too hard if he doesn’t show interest in a particular sport or activity.

Puzzle toys

If you want to encourage your child’s mental skills, there are many toys on https://www.makeafort.fun/ that can make him think. Puzzle toys challenge and enhance a child’s thinking and memory. A shape sorting cube is one example of a puzzle toy for a very young child. The 1-2 year old will learn to choose the right shape to put in the matching holes. He will learn basic shapes like a triangle, square, circle, stars, etc. Puzzle toys can teach your child how to examine and think through problems. He will also learn how to be patient and think calmly.

Bouncy castles

If your child earns high grades in school and he always studies his lessons and does his homework, you can think about giving him a reward for his hard work. You can treat your child or let him play on a bouncy castle. You can also hire a bouncy castle for a birthday party. There are many advantages to bouncy castles. Since there are usually several children playing, your child will learn how to make friends with other kids. He will also learn how to balance his body on a soft surface. There are lots of games your child can play on a bouncy castle; for example, he can have a race. While he’s playing, your child will learn to think of different strategies he can use to will help him win races. We all know that kids love playing on a bouncy castle; that’s why they don’t stop playing until they’re almost exhausted! Your child will increase his endurance and muscle strength with continuous jumping and running. You can choose different designs of bouncy castles for your child’s next party.

Board games

Just like puzzle toys, board games help develop your child’s mental skills. Since board games need two or more players, you’ll have an opportunity to join your child playing. You can teach him how to play, or if you don’t know how, you can learn together. One good example of a board game is “Chess”. Your child will learn how to think and analyze the board before making a move. In Chess, one wrong move can cause you to lose the game, so your child will learn how to create various strategies in order to win. Another board game is “Scrabble.”  In this game, your child can expand his vocabulary, creating words using small letter tiles. Your child will learn unfamiliar words and improve his memorization skills.


There are lots of toys and activities your child can do in order to learn new things. There are also toys that are addicting and can cause children to lose their interest in studying. As a parent, you need to watch your child as he plays to make sure he’s maintaining his focus.


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