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Great Toys and Games that the Whole Family Can Play and Enjoy


People do everything just to entertain themselves especially kids. Most kids ask their parents to buy them new toys that make them happy and entertained. There are some toys that can be played by the family like bouncy castles. If you are a parent, you definitely give everything to your children just to make them happy but don’t forget yourself. You also need to be happy, not only kids have the right to play toys.

If you are a parent and you want to make your family happy, take them into a place where you can all enjoy. There are some families wherein the members do individual activities that is why sometimes they look like they are not close to each other. Lack of family bonding has negative effects to your kids. There are also times when your kids get bored in your house; they just go with their friends to have fun.

Don’t you think it is more fun if your whole family plays together?


If you want to enjoy playing with your whole family, here are some places you can go and things you can do to make your family happy:


  • Bouncy Castles


Yes! Your whole family can enjoy playing on a bouncy castle. Adults can also play in a bouncy castle. Your whole family can slide and be bouncy the whole day. Since bouncy castles have an obstacle course, you and your kids can play a race. Great isn’t it? Not only your kids enjoy but also you as well. When you plan for your children’s birthday, you can also hire a bouncy castle to make their birthday parties memorable (other kids will also enjoy the party).


  • Park


The other place you can go with your family to have fun is the park. Definitely, there are parks near your house. You and your kids can play on a seesaw, slides, etc. You can possibly meet other family that is also having fun on the park. You and your kids can make friends with other people. Don’t forget to bring food and extra clothes. Your kids will definitely feel hungry after playing.


  • Outing


You can also go out of town with your family. You can go to a zoo or in a place you haven’t been before. You can also go into place that has a beautiful surrounding. You and your kids will definitely enjoy taking pictures on beautiful places. A place like beach is also a good place to have fun with your family.


  • Party


Everyone loves to party. If you are planning to set a party, especially kids’ party, you can think of a game wherein your family will enjoy. As I’ve mentioned under the “Bouncy Castles” section, bouncy castle is a good idea to have in a party.


Benefits for the Family of Playing Games


  • Enjoyment


This is very obvious. What people get on playing games is enjoyment. When a person is bored, he/she does everything that will make him/her entertained. If you love a certain thing, a game, or a hobby, it means you are enjoying it. For example, if your children always want to play in a bouncy castle, that means they enjoy it. It is more fun if members of your family play together.


  • Health Benefits


Playing also provides health benefits. Since a person moves his/her whole body when he/she plays, it develops physical strength. For example, a child runs with other kids. It improves his/her leg strength and also his/her cardiovascular system. A person can also burn calories just by playing. People who just stay at home and just watch television and play video games don’t have time to burn calories. So if you are a parent, let your children play as they want. Playing can keep your family healthy.


  • Bonding


Yes! This is one of the benefits of playing with your family. Most families forget to do bonding that is why their family members do individual activities that will make them happy. A family that plays together will keep the relationship strong. Failure to have bonding is one of the main reasons why there are broken families. It is very important to have bonding or playtime with your family often. As a parent, you need to lend time to your family even if you are busy on your job.


There are lots of things that you can do to make your whole family happy and one of those is playing. Even if you go into other places, you can still play and have fun. Just make sure that everything you think or plan for your family will provide them benefits. As I’ve mentioned in the introduction, bouncy castle is one type of toy that can be played by your whole family. You cannot say that the type of toy or game suits your family if one of them is not enjoying.


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