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It’s All about Bouncy Castles


Since the day you were born, you definitely received some toys from your parents. Lots of different toys can make you happy and kill your boredom. Being a kid is the happiest moment of every individual and something that we never forget even we grow old. Even if people become old, they still have their own toys.

If you become a parent, you definitely want your child to experience that joy of being young and the joy of playing toys. You definitely give your children lots of toys that will make them happy. But do you want your children to spend their time playing toys inside the house? You might want to bring them to and let them play on a bouncy castle. Your child will definitely enjoy playing on a bouncy castle.

Why is bouncy castle safe for kids?


Don’t hesitate to let your child play on a bouncy castle because it is very safe for kids. Since bouncy castles need to be filled with air before it can be played, you don’t need to worry that your child will accidentally fall on a hard surface. From the word bouncy itself, the surface of a bouncy castle or inflatable castle is very soft. All you need to do is watch your child play with other kids.

Where you will find bouncy castles?


When you bring your child with you when you are buying some stuffs in the mall, don’t let the day pass without letting your child have fun too. Sometimes some stores in the mall provide a bouncy castle renting. Since your child follows you and walk with you in the mall, you might want to give him/her a reward by letting him/her play on a bouncy castle. You can also hire a bouncy castle on your child’s birthday party. In that way, your child and his/her friends will enjoy they day playing. If you are planning to rent a bouncy castle on your child’s birthday party, you can do a research online and look for the company that provides a good service.

What are the games that can be played in a bouncy castle?


Bouncy castles are not just for bouncing. There are lots of games that your kids can play while on it because your children will get bored if they just bounce on a whole day. Here are some of the games your children can play.

  • Slide

An inflatable castle or a bouncy castle also has a slide. Your child can do sliding with other kids. Even adults know the fun that slides can bring. Parents are once kids, so you know that your child will definitely enjoy playing on slides. There are also slides on some playgrounds, but slides on bouncy castles are safer because your child will land on a soft surface.


  • Obstacle Course

Yes! This is one of the main features of bouncy castles that will definitely be enjoyed by kids. In an obstacle course, your child will think of a way on how to get to the finish line. Since your child is not the only one who plays in a bouncy castle, your child can compete with other kids. Your child definitely doesn’t want to lose so he/she will come up with a strategy on how to defeat other kids.


  • Race

Since a bouncy castle has obstacle course and slides, your child and other kids can play a race. Like what I’ve said under “Obstacle Course,” your child and other kids can compete with each other. Your child and other kids will definitely give their best to defeat their opponents. Bouncy castle’s surface is very soft and bouncy so they will put effort and use their skill to be able to move on such unstable surface.

What kids get on a playing in bouncy castles?


  • Good Health

One of the benefits of playing in a bouncy castle is good health. There will be times that your child won’t stop playing until he gets tired. You definitely know what happens in a human body if it is sweating because of physical activity. Your child’s cardiovascular system will be developed along with leg strength because of continued running.


  • Entertainment

Yes! The main reason why you let your children play on a bouncy castle is to keep them entertained. Your children will sometimes get bored on their usual toys, so it is better to let them experience some new toys. Your children can enjoy playing on slides, obstacle course, etc.


  • Friends

Since your children are not the only ones who play on a bouncy castle, they will surely know how to interact and make friends with other kids. There is nothing happier than playing with other kids. When your children talks to other kids and became friends with them, they will also know what they feel. If your children show a good attitude with other kids, they will surely gain a lot of friends.


  • Balance

Another benefit that your child will gain from playing on a bouncy castle is balance. Your child will learn how to balance on a soft surface. Unlike in a stable or flat surface, it requires skill and effort to move on a bouncy castle.


Even if the bouncy castle is safe, as a parent, you need to watch your children as they play. Remember that accident is inevitable. There are times that your child may accidentally bump other kids or hurt other kids. You also need to bring extra clothes or towel because your children will definitely sweat from playing. And don’t forget to bring food and water.


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