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Ways to make your child happy and active


Every child has the right to enjoy life. Since everyone starts out as a child, it’s easy to relate to the joyful experience of just being a kid. If you’re a parent, you probably try to give your children everything possible to make them happy. Childhood is the most carefree time in a person’s life, so don’t let your children grow old without making lots of happy memories.

If your child is very busy with school, reward him for his hard work.  One way you can do this is with a bouncy castle or maybe with some new toys. Toys can sometimes have a negative effect on children. An example is video games. Sometimes a child can lose focus on studying if he becomes too engrossed in an electronic device. Try to think of ideas to keep your children more active and moving.


Here are some ways to keep your child active:


Take him into a mall

Even though it’s important for children to study, they need to spend some time having fun too. This helps them to relax their mind and it can also reduce stress. If you’re planning to go shopping, take your children with you. They’ll enjoy seeing things outside the house and the opportunity to bond with your kids will benefit your relationship. You can ask your child what he wants, and buy him a small toy or new clothes. Roaming and walking around the mall is also good exercise for everyone.

Let them play on a bouncy castle

This idea will definitely make your child happy and active. Let your child play in a bouncy castle. Every child loves this! Playing in a bouncy castle provides social as well as health benefits. Your child can improve his physical strength by jumping and running. He can make new friends because other children are there playing too. Your child can also improve his critical thinking skills, like thinking of strategies to win in a competition. Bouncy castle is a great way for kids to be happy and active. Search online to learn about how to hire a bouncy castle, if you’re planning a birthday party for your child.

Take them into the park

If you’ve finished all the tasks around the house for the day, take your children to the park. Maybe they can also bring along their friends. Let your kids bring their favorite toy as there are some children who can’t go anywhere without their favorite toy! Remember that toys are your child’s first friend. While your child is playing, you can talk to other moms and ask for their tips on how to make a child happy. Even if you talk to other mom’s you still need to watch your children as they play.  Accidents are inevitable, so bring a first aid kit. You can play with your children on a see-saw, merry-go-round or swing. Don’t forget to bring water, food and extra clothes.

Give a prize for every good job

It’s a good idea to surprise your children when they do a good job, for example when they get high grades on their school work.  Ask your children what they want; most kids will request prizes like toys. If your children request video games, you need to observe them and make sure they finish assignments and studying before you let them play games. Also, don’t forget to limit the amount of time spent playing. In order to balance your children’s activities, also give them toys they can be active with such as sports equipment or bicycles.


One great idea to keep your children happy and active is to encourage them in sports activities. Bring them those custom golf balls they’ve been asking for. Ask your children what type of sports they like. Sports in school usually include ball games, so you might want to buy a ball for practicing at home. Your children will learn team work and how to think of strategies when they participate in sports. They’ll also be able to improve their physical condition. Remember that every activity your children do has an effect on their growth.


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