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Things you can play which are suitable for you and your child


Do you remember a favorite toy your parents gave you when you were a child? Your parents probably gave you something very special. Some people might forget about their first toy, but when there are happy times and special people associated with a toy, they stay in our memories forever.

What about birthdays? Do you remember receiving a special surprise for a birthday? Do you have memories of fabulous birthday parties? Did your parents rent a bouncy castle to make your day extra special?  Did your parents plan party games for you to enjoy with your friends?

Parents usually try their best to give everything they can to make their children happy. They give them all kinds of toys and games. Maybe you even still like to play with some of the games your parents bought for you! Do you already have kids of your own? If you do, maybe you can play your favorite game with them! Below are some ideas for activities you and your child can enjoy together.


Here are some activities that you and your child will enjoy doing together:



If you want your child to learn and expand his mental skills, playing board games is a great way for him to learn while having fun. Try playing chess with your child. Your child will enhance his strategy-making skills and will also learn how to be patient. Scrabble is another great board game to play with your child. It’s an excellent way for him to expand his vocabulary. Board games need two or more players, so you will need to join your child, especially the first time he plays a game.

Bouncy Castle

Yes! Bouncy castles! Your child will definitely love playing on a bouncy castle. If you get tired of watching your child playing, you can join him! You and your child will learn how to balance on an unstable surface. Your child will strengthen his leg muscles and improve his cardiovascular system while playing. You can also hire a bouncy castle for your child’s birthday party. He will definitely be excited about it, especially when he invites his friends! When you let your child play on a bouncy castle, make sure to watch him and have your first aid kit available in case accidents occur.

Computer Games

If you’re a dad, you probably grew up playing some type of computer or video games. Most parents think that playing computer games is bad for kids, but these games provide enjoyment to almost every person who plays them. You and your child can definitely bond while playing computer games. All you need to do is choose a game that both you and your child enjoy. Be sure to have all your important tasks done before you start playing, and make sure your child has his homework done too.

Bicycle Riding

This is a good way to build physical fitness into your child’s routine and you and your child can also bond while riding your bicycles. You and your child’s physical conditions will be improved, because when you get tired, your physical endurance and cardiovascular system are improving. Riding a bicycle after ingesting a fat loss beverage is a very good form of exercise. As a parent, it’s up to you to provide protective gear for your child in order to prevent injuries in case of an accident. During the summer season, it’s best to bike in the morning or in the evening when the sun is not as hot.

Your child’s favorite sport

Have you ever asked your child what sport he likes to play? If you already know, you can spend time bonding while playing the sport he likes best. For example, if your child loves playing basketball, you can build a basketball court in your backyard. That way, you don’t need to search for a basketball court in your area. You can also give your child some tips to help him improve at his sport while you’re playing with him.


There are lots of activities you can enjoy with your child. Try to make sure the activity you choose is not addictive and that your child will be able to learn something while playing. Also, keep a first aid kit with you for fast response in case of an accident.

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