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Things you need to do when your child is playing on a bouncy castle


As a parent, you want to see your kids happy, smiling and having fun. Some common toys that parents give their children are toy cars, stuffed animals or dolls. But have you ever thought of toys to bring greater benefits to your children? What about letting your children play on a bouncy castle? Playing on Bouncy castles has a great effect on your children’s growth, they will learn how to make friends with other kids, and they will enhance their physical condition.

You can also hire a bouncy castle for your child’s birthday party. It will make their birthday unforgettable! Remember that being a child is the best time of life, so give your child some wonderful memories to look back on.


If you decide to take your child to a bouncy castle, there are some tips you should consider.

Here are some things that you need to do when your child is playing on a bouncy castle.


Bring Food

This is the first thing you need to do when your child is playing on a bouncy castle. All kids love to play on a bouncy castle, and sometimes they won’t stop playing until they get tired. Your child will probably get hungry after a long time of playing, so it’s important to be ready with some food or snacks. You also need to bring water to hydrate your child. Your child will probably want to go back to playing after he recharges. One great tip is to bring your child’s favorite food. Sometimes a child won’t want to take time to eat if he doesn’t like the food you brought.

Bring Extra Clothes

You also need to bring extra clothes. All the playing will make your child perspire, and it’s good to have a change of clothes. Also bring a towel to wipe his face. You can’t prevent your child from sweating, especially if the temperature is hot. Extra clothes are also a big help if your child stains his clothes while eating.

Bring First Aid kit

This is a very important item to have. Accidents are inevitable. Remember that your child is not the only playing on a bouncy castle, and you can’t tell when your child will accidentally bump into other kids or get bumped. Since the surface of a bouncy castle is soft, kids have a hard time balancing themselves. There’s always a possibility that kids will lose their balance, especially if they try to run on an unstable surface. If you bring a first aid kit, you can quickly treat your child when accidents occur. You can also help other kids if their parents don’t have any first aid supplies.

Watch your child

It’s very important to watch your child as he plays. Be alert for accidents which are bound to happen on the unstable surface. Since there are usually lots of kids playing on a bouncy castle, it’s hard to tell if someone picks a fight with your child. You need to be watching so that if something bad happens, or if someone gets hurt, you can quickly respond.

Guide your child

If your child hasn’t experienced playing with lots of kids, you need to provide guidance. You can teach your child how to make friends with other kids. He will probably enjoy playing if he knows other children. Also, before your child plays, you need to explain some basic rules. If it’s the first time he’s playing on a bouncy castle, teach him the right thing to do when he steps on. The surface is soft, and he may have a hard time balancing or moving. You’ll need to assist your child until he gets used to it.


While your child is playing, you can talk to other Mom’s and share parenting tips. While you’re talking, keep your eye on your child.


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