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7 Reasons Why Less Toys Will Benefit Your Kids


Parents want to provide their children with everything they can to help them grow and learn. When it comes to providing toys for your kids, there are several reasons why “less”, really may mean “more”.  Having a room filled with toys for your child may not always be best.

Play is the work of children, and is essential to their learning and development. When young children play, they’re learning ways to be successful which will help them when they enter school. Play helps children develop a sense of self, become more responsible for themselves and others. It teaches cooperative social behaviors, observation and problem solving skills, reading and writing skills, and builds listening ability and reinforces logical thinking.


Here are the reasons why having fewer toys will benefit your kids:


Kids become more creative

Children will become more creative if they have fewer toys.  Try to keep the toys you’ve chosen for your children neat and organized in their play area so they can see what is available to play with. If children have a neat and clean area, and room to play, their imagination will help them create new and fun things to do.

Kids establish their social skills

Children establish their social skills in different ways. Kids who have fewer toys to play with learn more quickly how to improve their interpersonal relationships with others. They learn more effect ways to communicate and are more social than children who have more play things available.

Kids learn to care for others

When children learn good social skills they are not as likely to have conflicts with others. They learn to identify their feelings, and if someone is hurting they will feel empathetic.  Kids who have fewer toys also learn more quickly how to take care of them. Sometimes it’s hard for children who have lots of play things to learn to value and care for their belongings.

Kids turn out to be resourceful

Kids learn to be resourceful when they don’t have so many toys available. They learn to think quickly and become problem solvers. Parents can teach their kids to be resourceful so when the children enter school, they won’t have to depend on their teacher to find all the answers for them. It’s a good idea for parents to practice with their kids how to find answers and help them learn to solve problems.

Kids develop a greater love in the course of everything

Having fewer toys helps a child develop a greater love for other things. For example, reading books, improving their writing skills, watching educational films, music and coloring or drawing and painting. They can also notice and appreciate the beauty in the world around them, experience their emotions and feelings, and communicate their feelings to others. As a parent, you can teach them how to express their love. If they do something great, or something small, praise them! Give them a compliment, and let them know how much you love them!

Kids are having more observation

Kids are very observant of their surroundings, and if they see something they don’t know they’ll probably ask about it.  Children are brilliant! What they hear from you, they will definitely remember! They might say those words to others, so be careful what you say. Kids will also mimic your actions; they will do what you do!

Kids must experience more of nature

It’s good for children to experience nature! Let them play outside! There are several games and toys they can play with their friends outdoors. When kids stay inside, they tend to be weaker and unmotivated. Try to get them involved in activities they really like, for example jumping in a bouncy castle, playing soccer or other sports.


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